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Dr. Berson’s Testimonials

I have had a bunion for 20 years which had gotten progressively bigger and more painful. I went to Dr. Berson because he specializes in foot and ankle problems. Since I give anesthesia to his patients at Middlesex, I have seen him correct bunions. He is kind to his patients. Works well the personnel in the OR and is skilled at bunion correction. I am back playing tennis and running. I no longer have any foot pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Berson to all who have foot/ankle disorders.

Dr. Claudia Spaulding
Middletown, CT


Dr. Berson performed my ankle fusion surgery.I needed it for about 15 years and chose Dr. Berson because he was highly recommended by an orthopedist as the best for ankle surgery. My ankle is healing very well and I’m very pleased. I’m continue to go to physical therapy. I have recommended Dr. Berson to others. I was treated very well and very professionally. Everyone treated me as a person and not just a patient. I was dreading the surgery and and put it off for years but now wish I did it 10 years ago!

Nancy Hoffman
Retired church administrator
West Hartford, CT


Dr. Hergan’s Testimonials

My experience with Dr. Hergan has been great. He takes his time, listens to his patients, and puts you totally at ease. It’s very obvious he loves what he does and is quite skilled at it. He replaced my left hip due to osteoarthritis, and every step since has been a positive. He is a great doc and a fine man!

Frederick R.

After 5 years of pain and no real solutions, I finally found a doctor who knew how to help me. Dr. Hergan was the third doctor that I saw for this condition.  The first two had suggested cortisone injections, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs.  All of which I did with only temporary relief at best. I was even told by other doctors that there was nothing more that could be done for me and that I would need a hip replacement at some point in my lifetime.

By the time I found Dr. Hergan I was at a point where I could not get any physical exercise that involved moving from the hips down.  I was unable to even walk up a staircase without having to literally pull myself up each step.  I would go to sleep at night with throbbing pain in my hip from normal daily activity.  If I attempted to exercise at all, it was even worse.  I had been taking anti-inflammatories, DAILY, for 5 years with no degree of relief from the pain. The anti-inflammatories would take enough of the edge off to allow me to fall asleep, but I would wake up in pain a few hours later.  Just getting into bed was painful.  I would have to pull my right leg up onto the bed, because that movement caused stabbing pain that ran down my thigh.

After meeting with Dr. Hergan, he indicated I most likely had Femoroacetabular Impingement, or FAI.  He then told me that there is a minimally-invasive, arthroscopic surgical procedure that could help me. Nobody else had given me even a glimmer of hope for relief in 5 years….!!!

Immediately after surgery I had some pain, but really not that much.  I only took a couple of my pain meds and was able to find relief using the cold compression machine he prescribed for me.  I began my physical therapy right away.  Physical therapy was a lot of work, but was so helpful to my recovery.

The positive changes that this surgery has brought to my life are immeasurable.  The most significant change was realized only 3½ months post-op. My family and I went on a 5 day ski trip and I was up on skis taking on advanced expert slopes with them for the first time in 5 years.  And….PAIN FREE. 

I am able to exercise again and have lost 15 pounds.  I can walk for more than a block without having my hip start to catch, click and pop.  I can climb a staircase without having to grasp the handrail and pull myself up one stair at a time.  I can go to an amusement park with my husband and 11 year old son and actually walk around all day without pain.  I can go on bike rides with them.  I can walk on the beach.  I can play tennis again.  My family has me back.  I can sleep without waking in pain.  I feel healthier now than I have in quite some time.  NONE of this would have been possible without this surgery.

I am so thankful that I found Dr. Hergan.  I only wish I had found him 5 years earlier.

Dear Dr. Hergan,

Simply stated, my pain has been relieved thanks to You! After 18 months of pain, distress and sleep deprivation, I am pleased to report that after being under your care and having hip arthroscopy surgery, I am pain free in my left hip.

From my very first visit, I was so impressed by your thoughtful listening and your patience in managing my case on terms that best suited my personal needs. After evaluating my symptoms, you suggested that I had a labral tear, hip impingement issues and some possible bursitis in my left hip – which was later confirmed with an MRI Arthrogram. Your recommendation was for me to have the Arthroscopic Hip surgery and you clearly and understandably presented the reasons and considerations for this. As a busy working mom with 2 young children who also loves to be active (aerobics, dancing, walking and yoga) – the thought of surgery seemed out of the question. I was so appreciative that you helped me explore and exhaust alternatives such as physical therapy and acupuncture prior to scheduling surgery.

Following my surgery 3 ½ months ago, I instantly felt some relief which increased with each day. The first few weeks of recovery were a challenge, but I was diligent with my PT, and it was worth every minute of hard work. I never imagined that I would be able to go back to my fitness routine within 4 months—but in fact; my recovery is ahead of schedule! While I have occasional soreness and realize I will continue healing, I am ecstatic to report that the nasty, nagging pain that kept me awake at night has been alleviated.

Thank you again for being such a talented, skilled surgeon, and for your time and dedication to your patients. I have tremendous respect for you as an orthopedic doctor, and appreciate your progressive approach to hip and joint preservation. You have restored my quality of life and I am forever grateful.

Sarah W.

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