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All practice locations will be closed on Monday, May 29 in observance of Memorial Day. Urgent Ortho care is now available on Saturdays at 211 South Main Street. Walk-ins welcome!

General Orthopedics

Specialized Orthopedic Care

Since 1995, Middlesex Orthopedics has helped thousands of people with their orthopedic needs in Middletown. Specializing in everything from General Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, to Joint Replacements, Hand Surgery, Spine Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging and Rehabilitation, the expert team of physicians at Middlesex Orthopedics are well-respected for their best-in-class orthopedic care. Today, Middlesex Orthopedics is proud to offer its wide-range of orthopedic services to the people of Westbrook.

Our new, fully-equipped facility allows us to provide the same exemplary level of care and service our Middletown patients have come to expect, here in Westbrook.


A bone fracture is a medical condition in which a bone is cracked or broken. It is a break in the continuity of the bone. While many fractures are the result of high force impact or stress, bone fracture can also occur as a result of certain medical conditions.

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Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is the common name used for the elbow condition called lateral epicondylitis. It is an overuse injury that causes inflammation of the tendons that attach to the bony prominence on the outside of the elbow (lateral epicondyle).

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Golfers Elbow

Golfer’s elbow, also called Medial Epicondylitis, is a painful condition occurring from repeated muscle contractions in the forearm that leads to inflammation and micro tears in the tendons that attach to the medial epicondyle.

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